Day 142 of Gratitude – A Mediocre Play

I saw a play tonight. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t very good either. There were problems with the sound system, resulting in inaudible lines and left the main character, when she could be heard, sounding out of breath. It wasn’t up to the theatre company’s usual standards. It’s unfortunate, but it reminded me that sometimes, we fail to be the brilliant creators we want to be.

I get frustrated with myself when I don’t write as well as I think I should, but we all have our mediocre days. As a writer, those mediocre words get rewritten and edited out so that, hopefully, the readers never see them. For a theatre troupe, the “meh” performance occurred and cannot be un-performed, but the show will go on to other nights and better performances. That’s a good and encouraging lesson for me. Mediocrity happens, and I have to keep going.



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