The Rothston Series

“[A]n adventurous twist of genre, much recommended.” ~Midwest Book Review

Adobe Photoshop PDFThe Rothston Institute is home to a special class of adepts who can control the decisions of anyone in the world. But college student Kinzie is just discovering her own dangerous powers — and her role in the battle for humanity’s future.

[R]eaders entered a fascinating sci-fi world mapped directly onto the everyday reality around them.” ~The Kirkus Review

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Foreseen – Book 1 

Foreseen, Book 1 of The Rothston Series

ISBN: 978193797058
Print pages: 416

The Rothston Institute can secretly manipulate the decisions of anyone in the world – from ordinary friends to government leaders – using the abilities of its operatives known as adepts. Having discovered that she possesses these special skills, college student Kinzie Nicolosi is training to assist Rothston in protecting humankind from destruction. A student missing an exam? A construction worker fired for an industrial accident? A Congressman ruined in scandal? Necessary consequences of honing her skills for the greater good. But Kinzie brings more than her remarkable talent to Rothston. She bears an unexpected power that rivals Rothston’s own … and the clash may be something none of them can control.

The Kirkus Review calls Foreseen “A worthy sci-fi thriller à la Dean Koontz.” 

Choices – Book 2

Choices ISBN: 9781937979096 Print Pages: 436

ISBN: 9781937979096
Print Pages: 436

“A tense and well-plotted continuation of the Rothston Series.” ~The Kirkus Review

The Rothston Institute has fallen to those who are after the key to controlling humanity – a secret held deep within Kinzie Nicolosi’s own body. Scared and on the run, Kinzie’s life becomes entangled with a collection of loners, adding the wrath of their own foes to the dangers she faces. Outmanned and outgunned on all sides, none of them can protect Kinzie or the world from the true evil behind the threats – something far more terrifying than anything they have encountered.

And it is waiting…

The saga of Kinzie Nicolosi continues in Choices, the second book in the Rothston series. Author Terri-Lynne Smiles once again convincingly explains world events through the interference of adepts who are able to control the decisions and actions of others.

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