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The Rothston Series

The Rothston Institute is home to a special class of adepts who can control the decisions of anyone in the world. But college student Kinzie is just discovering her own dangerous powers — and her role in the battle for humanity’s future.

[R]eaders entered a fascinating sci-fi world mapped directly onto the everyday reality around them.” ~The Kirkus Review

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Foreseen, Book 1 of The Rothston SeriesChoices, Book 2 of the Rothston SeriesOrigins, Book 3 of the Rothston Series



Work in Progress

Common Ground: The final book in the Rothston Series. A blockbuster of unexpected turns where the main characters find themselves working toward contradictory goals. Coming Fall, 2015.

Mirror Protocol: A psychological murder mystery with a twist – no murder has been committed. Yet something has gone seriously wrong, and social worker Kel Petersen’s career and professional reputation is on the line in a race to uncover who, what and why. Coming Spring, 2016.

The Life and Times of Jenna Abernathie: A joint project with author Taylor Elliott, following a mother and daughter through the trials of divorce, failure, and loss. TBD

Sarandipity: an epic science fiction tale of a recovering heroin addict searching for meaning, set against a universe in which technology has permitted humankind to isolated itself among the stars. TBD

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