Day 141 of Gratitude – No Ham Sandwich

For quite awhile, the phrase “ham sandwich” was the most used search to land on my website. Before that it was “Matrix steak.”  They hit my website because of posts I made long ago on my blog, one mentioning the construction of a ham sandwich, and the other discussing the steak scene from the movie The Matrix. Such is the life of an unknown novelist with only two published books to her credit so far. I have hoped that, at some point, it won’t be randomly mentioned terms in blog posts that attract the most attention on my site, and it turns out, that point is now.

The analytics for my website this morning showed new top search terms. They are: (1) my name (with various spellings); and (2) my name and “books.”  This isn’t a world-changing development. It doesn’t mean thousands of new readers nor a movie deal. But it does mean I’m no longer competing with a ham sandwich and losing. And for that, I am grateful.

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