She will dance again…

She dances in the moonlight, feet barely skimming the earth as she spins, arms spread to the heavens, beckoning the stars to her embrace. And they obey. Laughter at the sheer joy of every moment flows around her, draws others to her like honey – spiced with her wit and… Continue reading

Chew! PLEASE!?!

“Chew.” The man was trying to be patient. He could get recalcitrant students to keep up in his economics class, but was failing at this seemingly simple task. The child’s jaw moved twice. Then stopped. The man took a breath. “Terri? Chew.” The rest of the family had finished dinner… Continue reading

7:35 p Mom

The house is quiet. The weak rays of the cloudy evening filter through the curtains, casting the room in an eerie twilight. Or maybe that’s my imagination. I strain to hear … I’m not sure what. I lean back in the chair in the corner, pulling my laptop open and… Continue reading