Excerpts from Reviews of The Rothston Series Novels

Highly recommended reading.” Midwest Book Review

“Smiles has proven that she’s skilled at crafting a nuanced page turner … A worthy sci-fi thriller a la Dean Koontz.” The Kirkus Review

“Foreseen” is a blend of fantasy and political thriller … an adventurous twist of genre, much recommended. Midwest Book Review

Foreseen mixes coming of age with quantum foam, romance with political conspiracy, in this able science fiction story … Smiles has a talent for making her concepts visually and narratively vivid … You are kept guessing as to whether the characters’ motives are entirely their own, or swayed by some outside intelligence. Michael Williams, bestselling author of Weasel’s Luck, Trajan’s Arch, and Vine: An Urban Legend

“A tense and well-plotted continuation of the Rothston Series.” The Kirkus Review

“Smiles writes the kind of SciFi that I can’t get enough of…a story that uses science in a believable way but doesn’t try to explain it … It all comes together in a very gratifying climax that leaves you both satisfied and hungry for the next course.” John C. Brewer, author of The Silla Project, a Montaigne Medal finalist

“Smiles interlaces the action and suspense with some interesting science tidbits and with a carefully considered version of human history in which adepts have always walked among us.” The Kirkus Review

“Ms. Smiles demonstrates a native talent for imaginative storytelling that her readers will find unfailingly enjoyable from beginning to end.” Midwest Book Review

“[Foreseen] quickly became one of those “just one more chapter” stories … I couldn’t put it down until my eyes bleared in the wee hours of the morning … The writing was mature, the story was solid and the characters were well made.”  The Owl Wall 

“This. Book. Is. Excellent. It has a solid intriguing plot with well thought out characters who maintain believable relationships. It is absolutely wonderful to see the sheer amount of character development coming from every member of the cast big or small. It has been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed this one.” Fictioholic Book Reviews

“This novel was truly amazing and I cannot wait for the next one… Smiles’ is an intelligent and talented writer… so bring on the next novel!” Uncorked Thoughts

“As the story opens up in it’s deceptive simplicity, I was thrown a curve ball. The deeper I read, the more I realized that this book housed so much more than a group of extraordinary teenagers out to save the world. It addresses the human condition and the age old quandary of where the ethical line begins and ends…It was a wonderful story full of action, adventure, love and science. Categorize it however you wish, but give this entertaining read a try.” Bookend Chronicles

“Terri-Lynne Smiles had me hooked from the word “go” … for a great way to spend a weekend (yes, I read the book in two days), this is the book for you.” ~Liaeve on LibraryThing

“This book comes very close to approaching the natural authenticity of the Harry Potter series without possessing any semblances of imitation … I’ll just leave it at this: While I was reading the Harry Potter books, I truly felt like the universe created by Rowling was real. Thanks to Smiles, I now view every major world event with suspicion. After all, you never know who might be influencing it. ;)” Mook on Goodreads

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