Update: Terri-Lynne Smiles’ Novel, Foreseen

I haven’t said much lately about the status of my novel, Foreseen, other than it will be available in a couple months.  I’ve been waiting for what is, hopefully, the last round of edits.  Waiting is hard.  Even harder is resisting the urge to send an email or open a chat just to ask “how’s it going?” or “what did you think of the part where…”

Last night, I received the manuscript back with the editorial suggestions and comments. I’d heard nothing in the few weeks it was being edited other than occasional encouraging-but-vague messages along the lines of “I like where this is going.”  I held my breath as I opened the file.

And I was shocked!  I found very few changes at all. A few verb tense changes. An occassional smoothing of a phrase.  But there was only one section – which had been a first draft – where there were any noteworthy changes and suggestions at all. Then, even better, there were the comments.  I expect comments like, “Why is she reacting this way?” or  “I can’t follow the description.”  But what I found was something very different.

“Very nicely done.”

“I like the dynamic being built here.”

“It’s stuff like this that is going to make you famous.”

“This always makes me laugh.”

Okay, so the part about becoming famous is unrealistic, but still, it made me smile. And so, I’m eagerly launching into my final work on Foreseen, addressing the few points that remain to be worked out.  Fixing a few awkward spots. And making sure that it’s worthy of comments like those from the people who count the most – the readers.



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