Cows and Politics: The Deception of Words

When I first became a lawyer, I would tell my family about my cases. One evening over dinner, I told them about a farmer who sued stating that voltage running through his land was upsetting his cows. “Sucks to be him,” my husband sarcastically commented with no sympathy toward the plaintiff farmer…. Continue reading

The Angels of Summer

I didn’t think I was an unusual child. I had no perspective to realize that not everyone spent large portions of their lives talking to things other people couldn’t understand. Like the worm family that lived outside my back door, or the floating specks of dust in the air made… Continue reading

So You’re Not Voldemort. So What?

Fiction has created some great characters as the embodiment of pure evil. Voldemort in the Harry Potter series, Sauron in Lord of the Rings, Evil (by definition) in Time Bandits, and perhaps the Baron Harkonnen in Dune are good examples. Real life rarely creates such clear examples of evil, although… Continue reading