Day 76 of Gratitude – The stillness of the soul

I was never one to panic. No matter what the situation, I determined what needed to be done immediately, rallied the people and resources necessary to accomplish it, and kept everything moving. It wasn’t until afterwards that I’d sit back and let the stressful thoughts of “what would have happened if” wash through me. At one law firm I became known as the one who would remain calm in a crisis and was sought out for that purpose.

There was nothing special about how I did this; it was simply a matter of quieting my mind and working from the stillness of my soul. The brain gets flooded by future thoughts and disasters while the soul remains calm and steady. It leads me to what I need.

Last week, I forgot that. But over the past few days, I listened to my soul rather than my easily diverted brain and rediscovered what I needed – a loving husband and good friends who bring me back to the center that is always there but easily forgotten without the stillness of the soul.


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