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New Adults (and the Rest of Us) Deserve Better

“So Tell me a Book That’s Like Your Latest Novel?” I dislike that question because I sound completely inept and uninformed when I fumble the answer.  I know of very few “comparables” to Foreseen.  More correctly, I am aware of only … Continue reading

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Why I hate books

I’m tired of reading the same old thing. I love to read. I was barely speaking before I was reading, and the joy of discovering new ideas wrapped in a story has stayed with me my entire life. I gravitated … Continue reading

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Is Editing Fun?

A friend asked me the other day which I prefer, writing or editing.  I was surprised by the question, because most people think of editing as a harsh, burdensome process, envisioning a tight-lipped, hair-in-a-bun schoolmarm with a red pencil tortuously grading fifth-grade … Continue reading

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Breaking Out of the Box

I don’t like boxes.  They are a necessary part of intelligence and experiential learning – the ability to categorize objects, people, and ideas into groups that allow us to predict their actions and characteristics. It is how we know that … Continue reading

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I am Picky! My Favorite Authors

As I prepare for the release of my novel, Foreseen, I’ve been giving more thought to my favorite authors, and more particularly to WHY they are my favorite. I’ve realized I am very picky. In fact, there is no single author … Continue reading

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My Support Group

“Hello, my name is Terri. And I’m a writer.” “Hi, Terri.” Oh wait. It wasn’t that kind of support group I wanted to talk about tonight. To be honest, I couldn’t think of anything to blog about tonight – because … Continue reading

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