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Interview of Author Terri-Lynne Smiles

Excerpt of Annabell Cadiz’s interview of Terri-Lynne Smiles. See the full interview at TeAmNeRd ReViEws. Author Terri-Lynne Smiles stops by TeamNerd to discuss her novel,Foreseen, and what makes her such a big nerd! She opens up about why she loves to … Continue reading

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Review: The Silla Project by John C. Brewer

I read suspense novels for their tight, well-conceived plot lines, but it isn’t my favorite genre because the characters are flat and don’t change much. Well, author John C. Brewer has blown that out of the water with his new … Continue reading

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Writing 101: World Building

Having wrapped up the final edits to my novel Foreseen and taken a break for a couple of weeks, I find myself itching to get back to work – and in particular to work on an entirely different novel.  Sarandipity … Continue reading

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To Free or Not to Free: Amazon Prime and the KDP Select

Are you an Amazon Prime member? This is Amazon’s subscription service.  There are videos, savings on shipping and a few other benefits that you get for your $79 per year, but the part that effects me, as an author, is … Continue reading

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I am Picky! My Favorite Authors

As I prepare for the release of my novel, Foreseen, I’ve been giving more thought to my favorite authors, and more particularly to WHY they are my favorite. I’ve realized I am very picky. In fact, there is no single author … Continue reading

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A Master at Work

Recently, people have mentioned their dissatisfaction with the endings of any number of novels they’ve read – books that were well paced with compelling characters and settings and premises.  Good plots – until the end.  Just as the reader is … Continue reading

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Being normal?

I am on hold.  Waiting.  John is editing one of my novels, and for a change, I am waiting patiently.  And not writing.  I am … trying to be a normal person. This is longest I have gone without writing ANY … Continue reading

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Writing 101: Pinnacles and the Rising Sea

We think of pinnacles as desirable, the highest accomplishments or achievements.  We strive to reach “the pinnacle of success.”  But perhaps a pinnacle isn’t all its cracked up to be.  Or perhaps, there is something even better. I had this … Continue reading

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