Day 53 of Gratitude – An Unexpected Book Review

When Foreseen first came out, I used to check Goodreads for the latest reader reviews constantly – as in more than once a day. That was ridiculous, but I couldn’t help myself. My first literary baby had stepped into the world and I was eager to gauge the reaction. What I learned from that is that it takes a long time for reviews to come in, especially if you are unknown.

Now, I only check a couple times a month to see the new ratings and get a feel for the demographics of who reads my books. This morning was one of those days. Choices, my more recent release, has a couple more Goodreads ratings (most people rate rather than rate and review) and is running at 4.33 out of  5. I’m satisfied with that. But I was surprise to see that Foreseen had a new text review that was posted yesterday. Not only was it a 5 star review, but it is one of the more precise and well-worded reviews I have seen. It says:

Imagine a world where people could see cellular makeup and move things with sheer mind power. Now put that setting into a modern world United States, where only a select few had these skills. What if you were one of these “adept” people? This pretty much sums up the storyline of FORSEEN, by Terri-Lynn Smiles. And intriguing science-fiction novel about a young woman who discovers her strange abilities and is placed in Rothson Institute for young Adepts. Throughout the story she must deal with love, her new life, and an internal battle of morals.

I loved this book. My personal copy is a pre-release edition, given to me by a friend at Christmas. As soon as I read it for the first time, it’s been at the top of my list of favorite books. The plot twists and change of point of view are extremely captivating to the reader. It becomes impossible to put the book down until the last page is turned, and then you’re hungry for more. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves reading about an extraordinary, nerdy girl who fights for the right to be normal.

“Grateful” doesn’t begin to describe my feelings for such a review. Thrilled, awed, thankful, happy, humbled, and a whole lot of other things – like the fact I better get back to writing!