Origins, Book 3 of The Rothston Series

Origins ISBN 9781937979126 Print Pages: 373

ISBN 9781937979126
Print Pages: 373

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With her enemies out of commission, Kinzie Nicolosi wants nothing more than to bury herself in her studies and prepare for a future of protecting humankind through the Rothston Institute. But a new menace rises up, forcing her on a quest for a mysterious stone of old that unified adept efforts across the globe, believed to have been destroyed long ago. Her search is hampered by the ghosts in her head, dogging her every step, and beating them may be the toughest challenge she’ll ever face.

Kinzie’s adventures continue in Origins, Book 3 of the Rothston Series.

Origins, Book 3 in the science fantasy Rothston Series that the Midwest Book review called “unfailingly enjoyable from beginning to end.” Pre-order the ebook now using the links above for automatic delivery on November 20th.


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