Day 138 of Gratitude – The Cost of A Peaceful Freedom

This morning is sunny, the trees are rustling in the breeze and the bird are singing merrily. A good morning to pause and reflect on the blessings of my life.

Today, I will enjoy the peace and tranquility of my country. I won’t get upset at the rants of about how those “others” (liberals or conservatives; Blacks, Whites, Yellows or Browns; those in need or those who have plenty; Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, atheists or agnostics, those who root for opposing teams or even (gasp) different sports; those who adhere to traditional gender roles and those who do not) are out to destroy our country. Rather, today I will remember that the freedom of thought that leads to the divisiveness we see daily on Facebook is an essential aspect of all freedom, and that despite our sometimes loud and disrespectful exercise of that freedom, we are one people in the United States, special in our lack of homogeneity. Today, I will remember that the right and ability to question the basic beliefs of ourselves, our neighbors, and our government is what makes this country great.

And today, I will remember those who have paid with their lives so that we continue to have that freedom.

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  1. Mary Lou Smiles says:

    Very nicely said, Terri!

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