Day 125-132 of Gratitude – Ohio Nonprofit Appreciation Week!

It’s fashionable these days to be vocally in support of some cause, whether it’s is directed at slavery, animal abuse, hunger, education, the arts, disability awareness, or access to medical care. All you need do is log on to Facebook and find a host of opinions about what should or should not be done.

Rarely is the work of nonprofits mentioned in these “conversations,” but it should be the first thought in your mind. In Ohio, nonprofits make up nearly 10% of the workforce, pay 9% of the total wages, and generate 13.8% of the gross domestic product. Yet despite this proven efficiency and effectiveness, by percentage of income, Ohioans contribute less to nonprofits than their fellow Americans. We can all do better.

I’m honored to be the chair of the board of directors of the Ohio Association of Nonprofit Organizations. This week – May 11 – 17th – is Ohio Nonprofit Appreciation Week, so I challenge you to give a hug to the nonprofit of your choosing.  Thank them for their hard work and dedication. Better yet – volunteer or donate. Then tell your friends on Facebook. Be more than just another post.

We each can make the world a better place – thanks to nonprofits.


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