Day 124 of Gratitude – A Sense of Humor

Being an author is a rough business. You pour your heart and soul into a work, then send it into the world to be critiqued by others. I’ve been very fortunate that most of the reviews of my novels have been quite positive. But I am also blessed to have been raised with a sense of humor to deal with the ones that make no sense.

In one of the recent reviews of Foreseen, the reader said the story fell apart and she stopped reading 2/3 of the way through were it devolved into a gratuitous sex scene. It would be a fair comment, except (spoiler alert!) there is no sex scene in Foreseen. Not sure what book the reader was reviewing, but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t mine. I’ve seen authors make themselves crazy over such misguided reviews – posting replies to the reader or demanding Amazon remove the review because it is wrong. But I’m glad I’m able to see the humor in it and laugh it off. If I couldn’t, I’d probably have to stop reading the reviews altogether. And the fact is, I LOVE reading most of the reviews. They keep me going.

And so, tonight I am grateful that my parents instilled in me a sense of humor.

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