Day 122 of Gratitude – WiFi

Tonight, I’ve been chatting with my son while proofreading a paper he’s writing. He’s also taken the time to explain to me an idea that I was not familiar with in his paper. It’s been rather pleasant talking and working together.  But physically, he’s three hours away from here.

The paper he’s writing is on technical stuff about wireless communications and what might be coming next after we’ve exhausted the available bandwidth of radio waves. I found it interested, but it also made me appreciate the fact that I can sit anywhere with my computer or smart phone and have the entire world of the internet available to me – and pretty reliably available at that. It lets me spend time with my son, ever though he’s not here. What an amazingly wonderful technology that is.


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  1. Amy Sichi Morency says:

    Appreciate this too! See my FB photos of the virtual birthday present opening dinner party with my daughter in Montana and her amazing husband, Andy, who spontaneously thought of the idea~

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