Farewell and Hello!

Farewell, 2011. What a year!  In 2011, PlotForge and it’s authors were energized but a bit out of place at the SCBWI conference in New York; learned new tips at the Pikes Peak Writers Conference; refined, edited and further refined several novels; met wonderfully helpful and supportive colleagues like Chris Mandeville, Melissa Foster, Liz Hand, and too many others to count; published John C. Brewer‘s action/adventure novel Multiplayer, and scheduled three more novels for publication in 2012. We ring out 2011 tired but satisfied.

Hello, 2012!  What will you will bring? Since we aren’t future-seeing adepts like the characters in Foreseen (to be released in a few months), we don’t know. We have plans for what we will publish: Foreseen, The Silla Project (a North Korean thriller) and Non-Player Character (the sequel to Multiplayer) at a minimum. We have a small but noisy group of advance readers clamoring for Viridis (a Utopian post-environmental collapse adventure) to be published. And an ever growing list of other projects for the future.

As the year turns, we thank you all for your help, interest and encouragement in 2011. Our greatest reward here at PlotForge is hearing from you about the fiction we are publishing. We will keep it coming in 2012. We hope you do to.

Happy New Year!

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